André Aaron Bilis (1893-1971) Painter, portraitist and miniaturist

How was born the idea of this website…


The more time goes by, the more I contemplate with admiration the work of my grandfather André Aaron Bilis, painter, portraitist and miniaturist; and the more time goes by, the more I consider sad and unfair that his work is falling into oblivion. My boyfriend, my daughters and I thus decided to create a website dedicated to him, where we could write about his incredible life and, more importantly, introduce his great talent through a few paintings and portraits. Last but not least, we hope that this website will allow us to get in touch with persons having heard of him, owning some of his paintings or simply to receive messages from persons who appreciate his work and are willing to learn more about him.


Nadine Boudousquié-Bilis


To date this website is not completed and we continue updating it…

The commercial use of the paintings, photos and documents contained in this website is forbidden.